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David Bennett

David Bennett


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  1. Ricoh Americas Corp.
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  1. Ricoh, Industrial Optical Systems Group.,
  2. Ricoh US Marketing,
  3. Ricoh Americas Corporation
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  1. Selly Oak Boys
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  • 716-870-4706 (mobile)
  •,, Skpe: - david.bennett226

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OPPORTUNITY:Currently we are building a channel in the US, Canada and Latin America, with a solution that can provide a significant incremental business opportunity.
Please reach out if you would like to learn more and take advantage of this ground floor opportunity and fill in the geographic areas where we have limited coverage.
Looking forward to work with people and businesses that are as excited about the future.
If you are ready to take a leap of faith and not afraid of what the future holds, to work hard,provide heat,light,focus and build, I invite you to reach out.
OBJECTIVE: Obtain professional fulfillment in an environment where various skills are tested, maximized and developed every day!
I believe in amazing my customers with commitment to their success. Passionate whether it be technology, business intelligence, development, tools, resources, building a plan, hard work, market awareness, learning, listening, people and marketing to drive sales.
Tho goal is to be instrumental to your success, zero in on strengths to cultivate and motivate you, maximize results


National Channel Manager - Industrial Optical Solutions.

Ricoh Americas Corp.
– Present (2 years 1 month)North America (

Building Sales Channel - Reseller Recruitment to have full coverage in the US and Canada - support and work with resellers to grow business and increase sales.

(Open)21 recommendations, including:
  • Ed Mr. Carl May
    Ed Mr. Carl May

    David took initiative to get things done when others said it could not be done. I have found David to be real, to understand...View

  • Phillip Foss
    Phillip Foss
    DestroyIt Paper Shredders - Triumph Cutters / MBM Finishing Products

    "I had the pleasure working David at Ricoh America. David is the consummate professional and has the great understanding of...View

19 more recommendations

National Faith / Church Vertical Marketing manager - Ricoh - US

Ricoh US Marketing
(1 year 1 month)United States

Managed / Built / Tools and Resources for this market to multiple distribution networks and pushed out clear communications on consistent basis.

(Open)4 recommendations, including:
  • Darrell Myers
    Darrell Myers
    VP Sales and Marketing at NCPG

    David worked as the marketing laison for one of our National Account Programs that is very large, selling in the tens of...View

  • Tony Bruno
    Tony Bruno
    Vertical Marketing Specialist at Ricoh USA

    David is one of the most industry savvy people I know. Because of his efforts, we were able to develop and implement a...View

2 more recommendations

Regional Digital Duplicator Field Marketing Manager

Ricoh Americas Corporation
(3 years 1 month)West Caldwell, NJ

Managed Distribution 13 states / Consulted, / Developed Sales and marketing stratergies / Trained reps/ Facilitated Sales Meetings /Organized sales activity/ Ride days with sales reps/ /Developed marketing materials/ designed materials/ Launched new products / Designed Incentive programs / Instrumental 70% increase Priport Digital Duplicator sales of unit sales over 3 years

(Open)1 recommendation
  • Darlene Nelson-Watkins
    Darlene Nelson-Watkins
    Business Administrative Professional

    I enjoyed working with Dave. He always show great enthusiasm either through his phone calls or walking through the doors at Ricoh. Everyone knows Dave is here. I've done some work for Dave when he needed someone available to help. If Dave was ever...View

REGION SALES MANAGER-Specialty Products, Wide Format &Digital Duplicator

Ricoh Americas Corporation
(10 years 7 months)West Caldwell

Managed Distribution 16 states / Consulted, / Recruited new dealers / Trained reps/ Facilitated Sales Meetings /Organized sales activity/ Ride days with sales reps/ Developed strategy and marketing plans with dealers/Developed marketing materials/ designed materials/ Launched new products / Produced 65% increase Priport Digital Duplicator sales of unit sales over 3 years / Produced 50% increase Wide Format sales of units over 2 years

(Open)1 recommendation
  • John Reiling
    John Reiling
    Independent Printing Professional

    David brings a special excitement to every assignment. At Ricoh I was marketing manager for his division. He has the ability to take direct action to the task. He manages his work and has great presentation skills. He is a team player. Reliable...View


Systems Incorporated
(1 year 6 months)New Haven, Connecticut

Consulted / listened / surveyed / built rapport and reviewed current expenditures. Presented / demonstrated / developed division. Serviced / educated existing accounts. Facilitated marketing meetings. Implemented / executed ideas. Encouraged teamwork / partnership with my colleagues. Produced 300% increase of annual sales of Risograph Digital Duplicator.


United Copier and Business Systems
(4 years 2 months)Buffalo/Niagara, New York Area

Facilitated / organized interdepartmental brain-storming meetings for creative synergy in 4 departments. Developed a plan for product sales blitz. Defined / devised incentive program for both sales and non-sales personnel. Formulated comprehensive marketing package increasing sales revenue 30% from previous year.

(Open)1 recommendation
  • Scott Souter
    Scott Souter
    Business Intelligence Sales - United States Air Force at Oracle

    David has a unique combination of skill sets and experience that allows him to function as a strong sales leader; revenue producer and Information Technology solutions expert. He is a great asset to any company that needs an invidiual to lead a...View


Photostatic Copiers
(1 year 2 months)Birmingham, United Kingdom

Entry into industry/training/Prospected/Cold called/Telemarketed/Took initiative / Drove business/ Studied sales techniques/Sold


Castle Harbor Hotel
(2 years 10 months)Tuckers Town, Bermuda

Provided energetic, friendly, efficient customer service in a resort hotel. Served in the capacity of waiter, multiple assignments / main restaurant, terrace pool, golf grill, banquets and catering. Achieved award for outstanding customer service and recognition for my name being on more comment cards than any other member of personnel.


Grand Pavillion Hotel and Beach Club
(1 year 2 months)Cayman Islands

Instrumental in formulating system and procedures, as part of a restaurant team for a newly opened hotel. Conducted full-table side service, flambé / canary / silver service. Assignments also consisted of banquets and catering. Positive interaction with other personnel and guests requiring quick initiative.

(Open)1 recommendation
  • Markus Shayeb
    Markus Shayeb
    Senior Vice President/Tenant Advisory at Transwestern

    David has always been very professional, reliable and followed through on every assignment. He exhibited a great and always positive attitude and was well liked by his colleagues and managers alike.View


Hotel Metropole
(2 years 8 months)Beaulieu Sur-Mer, France

Conquered language barrier. Communicated / interacted effectively in diverse cultural environment. Learned French service, language / wines / food / table-side cooking and carvery / food preparation. Explored the geographic area extensively. Visited Italy, Monte Carlo and Switzerland.


Selly Oak Boys
(4 years)

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Selly Oak Boys

Selly Oak Boys