How To Find Job Opportunities

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You can talk to your friends and learn who’s hiring. You can read the Business section of your local newspaper and see which companies are doing interesting things like opening new facilities or launching new projects.

You can check out Indeed and SimplyHired, two job-ad aggregation sites that post gazillions of job ads from employers, association websites, recruiters and job boards. You can search the vast Indeed and SimplyHired job-ad databases using a few keywords plus your preferred location.

You can create a Target Employer List for your job search, and I hope you will. You can’t rely on published job ads as your own source of new leads. We recommend that you spend one-third of your available job search time and energy responding to posted job ads.

You can invest another one-third of your available time and energy reaching out to employers who don’t have job ads published. You’ll reach your hiring manager at each organization via your pithy Pain Letter.

The last one-third of your available job-search time and energy will go to networking. That’s a well-rounded job search program. Don’t forget to keep your mojo fuel tank full! Your mojo is the thing that will power you through your job search and into your awesome new job!

wheel with allocation of job search time and energy


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